Della Weight, Partner Consultant

della weight

Strategic Fundraising

Market Development

INGO and UN Specialist

Della has 30 years of successful fundraising experience, 20 of which have been in the international arena.  She carries a unique portfolio of work supporting international clients on the development of fundraising strategy, effective fundraising and team management, organisational readiness and resource planning. Her experience in international strategic planning is exceptional, having worked with most of the leading INGOs and UN agencies. She is adept at delivering strategic planning for those new to fundraising and those expanding their existing operations and understands the challenges of managing international fundraising across global, regional and national teams and many cultures.

Della’s insight into fundraising truly is unique and she delivers high quality strategic consulting within complex organisations both large and small; quickly cutting to the main issues while maintaining a collegial and collaborative approach to clients’ work.  She has mentored international leadership giving teams in achieving outstanding partnerships and results and is counted on by some of the fastest growing INGOs for her advice.

Having worked in-depth across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, Della leads on global market research, undertaking fundraising market studies and developing market entry strategies in markets as diverse as the Tajikistan, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Russia.   Della co-authored THINK’s World Fundraising Markets Report, the only report that captures the state of fundraising around the world and is an acknowledged key reference work for the INGO community.  Her extensive knowledge is in demand with a wide range of organisations wanting to understand, expand, refine, contract or simply manage more effectively their country portfolio of operations.

Della joined THINK from UNICEF where she held a senior position at their European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland from 1993 to 2002 supporting the income development of UNICEF’s 37 national offices. Before that she worked in the UK for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, MENCAP and UNICEF-UK leading their fundraising team.

‘True international expert offering strategic guidance at the highest possible level.’