Personal Stories in Philanthropy

This is an interesting resource in that it provides a collection of personal stories and insights in philanthropy from people who have made a difference in the lives of others. As many of those listed are donors themselves, it is a useful reference for further understanding philanthropic motivations.

The full list of people are:

  • Paul Barry-Walsh – Chief Executive of the Fredericks Foundation
  • Sir Ronald Cohen – former Social Investment Task Force Director
  • Mike Dickinson – Founder of Whizz-Kidz
  • Vernon Ellis – International Chairman at Accenture
  • Nicholas Ferguson – Chairman, Institute for Philanthropy and Chairman of SVG Capital
  • Ram Gidoomal – Founder of the Christmas Cracker Charitable Trust
  • David Gold – Chair of the London arm of A Glimmer of Hope Foundation
  • Sir Peter Lampl – Founder of the Sutton Trust
  • Polly McLean – Founding Director of The Funding Network
  • Sheetal Mehta – Founder and CEO of Innovative Social Ventures
  • Doug Miller – Venture Philanthropist
  • Nigel Morris – Co-founder of New Philanthropy Capital
  • Dr Frederick Mulder– Founding Chair of The Funding Network and The Network for Social Change (NSC)
  • Michael Oglesby – Founder of Bruntwood Estates
  • Serge Raicher – Founding member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association
  • David Robins – Chairman of Henderson TR Pacific Investment Trust and Deputy Chairman of the East London Business Alliance (ELBA)
  • Gordon Roddick – Co-founder of the Body Shop
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Stephen Viederman – Former President of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs A – former city professionals

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