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Charities spend a large amount of time carefully constructing the journey through which they want their donors to go. So how does it feel from a donor’s point of view? Do all the separate communications join together into a seamless whole? Or do donors end up feeling like cows in a milking parlour?

We have created the Stewardship Tracker; a mystery shopping programme which helps charities find out how their supporters feel. It analyses the initial stages from enquiry through to donation across all channels and then helps charities find out how their communications work in practice over months and even years.  The original Stewardship Tracker has been helping charities since 2010 and monitors interactions with supporters over a 12 month period.  It also provides benchmarking against other charities using the Tracker at the end of each 12 month cycle.   A team of 28 mystery supporters carry out 58 separate shopping activities and submit 84 individual feedback reports. The members are provided with 3 reports; 2 specifically relating to their stewardship and 1 benchmarking against other organisations.

The Stewardship Tracker provides an opportunity to assess your stewardship from an objective and detailed perspective.  It provides information to help you improve on a micro and macro scale.  Over time you will also be able to track the impact of your changes which may have improved customer service, retention and supporter satisfaction.

The Stewardship Tracker starts in April and October each year.

Sometimes it’s small solutions that make the biggest difference as Karlene Amos, Business Innovation Manager at the RSPCA, discovered:

 “The biggest direct impact has been helping us to identify our need to undertake a review of thanking. Supporters also highlighted inconsistencies we would never have noticed. They said they would prefer to hear from animal inspectors rather than fundraisers [in marketing communications]. These small changes have made a big difference.

 “We feel the Tracker is very good value for money when you consider the level of detail and the information we receive. I would recommend it to other organisations as it really helps to give insight and provide focus on where to develop your stewardship. It is very useful at prompting quick tactical changes whilst also feeding into the longer term strategy.”

Bespoke mystery shopping

We can develop and deliver bespoke mystery shopping solutions, focusing on assessing specific aspects of your fundraising portfolio or customer service skills.  These can be conducted locally or nationwide and can help you to transform your levels of donor satisfaction and retention.

Supporter surveys

Increasingly charities want to hear directly from existing supporters about how they feel about their relationship and their giving.  We are experienced in developing and analysing both online and paper based surveys to supporters which aim to provide statistically valid data.  More qualitative research can be delivered via telephone surveys or face to face focus groups.  Such exercises provide critical feedback in enhancing supporter stewardship and developing new giving programmes.

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