Prospect research

THINK recognises the importance and the value of prospect research.  Whether outsourced or in-house, good quality Prospect research lies at the heart of successful fundraising teams.  It is critical in underpinning the delivery of income targets and to ensure your fundraising is operating at the highest possible levels of efficiency.

Through THINK Intelligence, our experienced researchers are able to produce both top line and detailed profiles of prospect names provided by you.  We are happy to work to your in-house templates or provide tried and tested profile formats that we have developed.  One of our real strengths is building prospect lists from scratch, working closely with you to develop a donor hypothesis and then matching potential donors to your project requirement.  We will undertake such research on companies, grant-making trusts and foundations, statutory bodies and HNWIs (high net worth individuals.  With access to a comprehensive range of research resources we are able to supply first class prospect research tailored to your local, national or international requirements.


We believe that the only way to achieving on-going success in securing grant funding is to be expert in all stages of the process and to ensure you are engaging with all relevant internal and external stakeholders as you work through the process.

Working with colleagues from THINK and THINK interim, we can provide support at every stage of the process:

  • Support in scoping the need internally
  • Research into prospective funders and advice on approach strategies
  • Preparing and submitting grant applications or peer reviewing applications drafted by you
  • Developing stewardship plans and grant monitoring and reporting
  • Working on future cultivation plans to secure your next grant

We can provide support either by undertaking these functions for you or we can work alongside your team and up skill your team members in the essential skills of Grantsmanship.

Grantsmanship diagram


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