THINK is launching a new Leadership Giving Forum….

A consultation meeting with interested parties in early July delivered a resounding consensus to establish a Leadership Giving Forum and the recruitment of members is now underway.

Based on the existing Forum models, the Leadership Giving Forum will consist of quarterly meetings of leaders in major giving, trusts and corporate fundraising, who will help to shape the future of high value revenue fundraising.

The Forum will address topics such as:

–          What exactly is Leadership Giving?

–          How do we effectively galvanise and articulate this unique fundraising partnership?

–          What can we learn about Leadership Giving from other sectors?

–          How do we drive cultural change to raise both the profile and ambition of Leadership Giving?

–          What can we do to properly develop and motivate Leadership Giving staff?

–          How do we keep abreast of best practice in an area that is still fledgling in many ways?

Each Forum will feature expert speakers and exclusive research reports will identify the latest trends, insights and thinking. Through sharing, the Forum will offer support and practical tools to meet the challenges of Leadership Giving, and will also provide valuable opportunities for learning, professional development and networking.

If you would like to find out more about the Leadership Giving Forum, or if you would like to register to become a founding member, please contact Beccy on 07515 053654 or at

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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