A new year so often brings along reflections on past successes, thoughts of new challenges and questions and the future. I always maintain that fundraisers need to take responsibility for their own development. This means not waiting for your organisation to take your learning seriously, but to make it happen yourself. In the current climate – where there is a candidate’s market for roles – it is even easier to be master of your own destiny.

The flipside is that there are increasing challenges for charities in attracting and retaining staff. Of course, there are many parts to this, including limited spend on L&D, limited impact of induction and often limited imagination in finding ways to create a culture of learning or finding new assignments or stretch tasks to help people to grow in role.  We have differing expectations of millennial fundraisers to other generations in the workplace.

If organisations are the sum of their people, then charities need to ensure that people development and retention is a central pillar in their strategy.

How well are you doing? What tactics do you employ? What questions or challenges do you face and what key areas would you like the panel to discuss? Let us know.

The title of this piece is the looming recruitment crisis. We know that for relationship centred fundraising, staff turnover has an impact on stewardship and therefore on income raised. Perhaps the crisis feels more or less acute to you in your organisation, dependent on demographics, geography, fundraising operations or leadership styles.

Charities are no longer the only organisations where people can go to have meaningful careers. We have to respond to this now.

Loretta will be involved in a panel session about this issue at the IoF Convention in July.  Further details can be found at the following link: