Arabian Business Rich List 2009 has published its business rich list for 2009 which sees Prince Alwaleed topping the list for the sixth consecutive year, with a fortune of exactly $18bn, almost a billion dollars more than a year ago. Interestingly, and unlike most other rich lists, the figure above has been confirmed by HRH’s private office in Riyadh the magazine says. Could this possibly be the most accurate rich list in history!?

The list shows that the average fortune of the top 50 has risen to $4.14bn. In total, the top 50 now hold between them $207bn – a rise of almost four percent last year. Of the 35 entrants that remain on the list from last year, 20 are actually worse off than they were 12 months ago.

The collapse in the value of property and banking shares – the bedrock of Arab wealth for much of the past decade – is cited as the biggest reason for the troubles of some of the Arab world’s leading business empires.

This year’s ranking contains 15 new entries, with six risers and 22 fallers on the list.

You can view the entire list for free on the Arabian Business website.

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