Australia’s Top 100 Philanthropists

It may have been a long time coming, but finally someone has compiled a comprehensive list of Australia’s top philanthropists! Fundraising Research & Consulting based in Australia, decided to compile the list in response to a comment made by BRW’s rich list compiler Dick Smith regarding the lack of a philanthropy list.

The list comprises of people and families whose philanthropy has been mentioned in the public domain, as well as drawing on various previous attempts at a comprehensive philanthropy list.

The greatest thing about the list, apart from linking to it’s sources, is that it’s free (we love a freebie!), so thanks FRC…

Here’s a quick look at he top 5:

  1. Chuck Feeney – c. $500m in Australian giving via Atlantic Philanthropies
  2. John Kinghorn – Established Kinghorn Foundation in 2005 with $300 million,   $25m to Garvan Institute (2009)
  3. Talbot Family – Bequest from Ken Talbot to Talbot Family Foundation of c. $300m (2010)
  4. Myer Family – $16m in 2009-10, $156m in total giving, via the Myer Foundation
  5. Estate of Sir Ian Potter – $14.2m in 20$14.2m in 2009-1009-10 and over $150m in total giving since 1964

To view the entire list, visit the FRC website.

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