Bad Language or Simply Passion?

When it comes to communicating with your donors you should speak their language. ‘Bad language’ can be offensive; equally, if used appropriately, it can convey passion, anger and a simple honesty. We all remember Band Aid, but what we remember most might not be the great music or the ground-breaking videos but Bob Geldof getting so angry and so passionate that he looked into the camera and said “just give us you f%^&*$g money”? At that moment the response on the phones doubled!

Like it or loathe it, swearing is now a part of many people’s everyday language, so it is important for fundraisers to open their minds and break out of their comfort zones when deciding on the style of communication needed to connect with different audiences. Sometimes we play things far too safely and believe we know what is right for the donor. When ActionAid launched ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ they knew who they were talking to and wanted to express the passion of the Charity’s vision in a gritty ‘real’ way to a younger audience.

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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