Calling All New Leaders in Fundraising…..

With more and more organisations introducing deputy and assistant director of fundraising roles, or directors of a specific fundraising discipline, THINK is adding a new Forum.

If you are moving from an operational role to a leadership role (or a combination of both) then this Forum could be for you.  The Fundraising Leaders Forum offers the opportunity to physically meet, network and share ideas and good practice with your peers. If you would like to join us, we are holding a free consultation on 26th March.

Operating on a quarterly basis, along similar lines to THINK’s other successful Forums, the Fundraising Leaders Forum will:

  • Share information about developments and trends in fundraising across the sector and across the globe.
  • Provide strategic support and address key strategic issues facing fundraising leaders.
  • Support assistant and deputy directors in developing their role as organisational leaders and in managing working relationships with fellow directors.
  • Provide tactical and practical support for immediate issues.
  • Facilitate individual personal development by providing opportunities to share skills and develop the professional capacity of members.
  • Create networking opportunities and sharing systems between members.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about leadership. In fact, the best leaders are the ones who pursue and shape their own development.  This new Forum will provide support for fundraising leaders as they navigate their unique journey.

If this sounds interesting, you are welcome to come along to a free consultation meeting, between noon and 2pm in central London on Monday 26 March, and discuss how to shape the new Fundraising Leaders Forum. To book your place, please contact Lisa at (tel: 07770 938785) or Beccy at (tel: 07515 053654).