Charity Market Monitor (UK)

Charity Market Monitor, is a UK charity report, which gives you a wealth of vital performance information and insight into the largest 500 UK charities and biggest corporate donors.

Whether you work for or advise a major UK charity this report provides detailed and thorough assessments of income and expenditure trends in charity fundraising, charity grant-making and corporate donations.

Charity Market Monitor allows you to:

  • Understand how potential donors view your charity or the charities you work with
  • Gain insight into the competitive environment for charities including the current economic and social climate affecting charities
  • Identify similar charities to yours, or those that you work with, and analyse how they compare in financial performance
  • Discover which income streams have increased or decreased in your charity causal area and what the implications of this might be for your long term planning

Charity Market Monitor 2011 contains:

  • A detailed analysis of the largest 500 UK fundraising charities – with detailed breakdown of charity income, charity expenditure and assets
  • The top legacy income earners
  • The top fundraising income earners
  • The largest UK grant-making charities – with a breakdown of their grants, income and assets
  • The largest corporate donors in the UK
  • The report also gives you the latest in-depth analysis on major causal areas – such as, Animals, the Environment, Cancer & Medical Charities and International Aid

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