Corporate fundraising remains a key part of the fundraising mix for charities of all sizes.   Over the last 10 years, THINK has observed corporate partnerships becoming more complex; increasingly involving teams from across a charity in delivery and utilising a range of different elements of support.  Partnerships have become more strategic in their nature and more demanding for all those involved.

Against this backdrop, however, charity of the year partnerships are still a staple amongst the type of engagements corporates seek to make.  Alongside the high profile partnerships with High Street brands such as Tesco, Boots and Morrisons, there are a myriad of smaller but valuable partnerships to navigate. Many of these opportunities exist with firms in the legal, finance and banking sectors where many companies are less inclined to choose the obvious big brand charities to be their partners.  As such, these opportunities are often better suited to small and medium sized charities.

As part of a small corporate partnerships team, it can be difficult to dedicate time to researching opportunities that exist.  In response to market demand, THINK Intelligence, has carried out a comprehensive research project to draw together information about 90 charity of the year / fixed term charity partnership opportunities. This has been compiled into a simple calendar tool.

The THINK charity of the year prospect calendar includes opportunities that are deliberately biased towards the legal and financial sectors and other ‘medium sized’ opportunities (circa £50-100,000) that would be attractive to small and medium sized charities.

The data is presented as Microsoft Excel Workbook and is a simple and easy to use tool that requires no specialist database skills.  Data provided includes:

  • key application notes (e.g. nomination, vote, pitch) and links to online applications forms (where relevant)
  • dates when initial enquiries / actions need to be taken
  • value of the partnership
  • contact details (including named personnel and email addresses where these are available)
  • current charity and previous charities so that you can see the types of causes / brands previously supported
  • information on the fundraising mechanics (e.g. staff fundraising, events, match funding etc.)

To accompany the data, THINK has developed a two page ‘top tips’ guide. This highlights key considerations that range from how to secure a nomination through to how to deal with either a win or a rejection (and everything in between).

The THINK charity of the year prospect calendar is priced at £1,995 (+VAT).  For more information or to order your copy, contact Samantha Dixon via email at