Community Fundraising Training – the art of relationship management & business planning

The value of relationships has always been understood in Community Fundraising and today these relationships have never been more important.

Provision of and access to high-quality training to develop skills in community fundraising across the UK has been patchy which is why last year we at THINK partnered with local Institute of Fundraising (IoF) groups to offer tailored training for Community Fundraisers.

The ‘art of relationship management and business planning’ is a one day workshop that will help community fundraising practitioners hone and develop relationship management and business planning. Almost 150 Community Fundraisers attended the 6 sessions held in 2018 and 100% of delegates, when asked 3-months after attending, said ‘yes’ they had applied what they learned back at work.

Due to popular demand, three workshops will be held in 2019. Early bird placed are available now from £99 plus VAT and can be booked at:

Edinburgh, 8 May –

London, 22 May –

Midlands, 30 May –

Plymouth, 17 September –

During the session delegates will consider stakeholder mapping, effective stewardship, powerful conversations and maximising the impact from of the supporter journey. With multiple priorities to manage in community fundraisers strong planning skills is a key competence. A key aspect of the workshop will be exploring planning tools, pipelines and budgeting.