Competitive Intelligence (UK)

This book, Competitive Intelligence: Gathering, Analysing and Putting it to Work by Chris Murphy of Ravensbourne Research explains:

  • the theory of business competition
  • how companies try to get ahead of their rivals
  • methods of research and sources of information that generate the raw material for creating intelligence
  • analytical techniques which transform the mass of facts and opinions thus retrieved into a platform of sound, useable knowledge to support informed business decision making.

Although this book is on competitive intelligence and is deisgned for business managers, it does contain some particularly useful information for the prospect researcher/fundraiser, including:

  • Systematic sources – regular corporate document filings
  • Systematic sources – ad hoc corporate document filings
  • Foreign sources
  • Human sources
  • Observing a company
  • Turning Raw Data into Finished Intelligence – Analysis and Presentation: Figuring out the numbers – the structure and content of company accounts
  • Running the numbers – understanding financial statements
  • Interpreting the non-financial sections of company accounts
  • Assessing information quality

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