Following popular demand, THINK launched the Digital Forum in September 2017. The Forum now includes some of the UK’s leading and most innovative charities.

The Forum aims to:

– develop a deeper understanding of digital fundraising across all disciplines, through sharing, case studies, expert speakers and external insights

– provide networking and peer support for members

– enhance the skills of members through learning opportunities.

The Digital Forum offers members a year-long programme which includes three full day sessions per year, a private group on Facebook plus two pieces of research to build insight. In addition, there is a supplementary Open Forum will be held to provide a learning and networking opportunities for staff members with digital responsibilities.

Membership benefits:

Address the practical and strategic issues and receive support to resolve them.

Gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and their implications.

The opportunity to confidentially discuss topical initiatives and challenges with peers from across the sector.

Invest in your professional development, enhance your skills and add to your knowledge and expertise.

Help raise the profile and develop understanding of digital fundraising in the sector.

For more information

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