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Directory of directorsThere are over 53,000 directors and officers profiled by Directory of Directors Online and over 13,000 companies to evaluate. The useful search function lets you quickly find any individual or company by name. You can also identify companies and individuals working in any business sector and pinpoint companies based in any particular location. You can even create contact lists and detailed company reports to print out for use in prospecting and research.

All information is updated every month and information in the listed company snapshot reports is updated every day. This means that new or amended director details, company financial updates, contact details and more are added regularly to ensure that the service is fully up-to-date and accurate.

Note: The hardback directory comes free when you subscribe for the online version. The printed version cost about £279 (inc. charity discount) while the online version (accessed via Hemscott Company Guru) costs £1,500 + VAT but you might be able to get a charity discount on this price.

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