DonorSearch (USA)  is the single largest repository of donor giving history in America publicly available anywhere. By combining DonorSeries, NOZA and FEC data, the user can search 40+ million gift histories simultaneously and it is growing at 1 million records per month. DonorSearch prospect research tools include a unique combination of wealth and philanthropic databases.

The databases included in DonorSearch include:

  • Motivational Annual Report Database – is a growing, proprietary collection that includes hard-to-find  annual reports, honor roll lists and donor lists in print.
  • Biographical Records Archive – is a product of their “WHY” database. DonorSearch™ gives prospect researchers’ access to the primary reference of where a prospect is mentioned in relation to a certain nonprofit.
  • Reuters Market Guide Insider Profiles Market Guide – collects in-depth information on over 10,000 public US companies.
  • Annual Reports Charitable Donations Database – contains approximately 5 million more gift records that have been harvested from literally thousands of non-profit websites and printed documents.
  • LexisNexis Real Estate Property Records – contains information on over 120,000,000 properties across the United States.
  • DonorSeries Charitable Donations Database – also known as Waltman’s, is approximately 5 million records collected from printed annual reports, event programs, and other published sources. Many records of donor histories are tracked over the last 10 years. Some records include individuals’ college graduation years.

For a full list of databases include in DonorSearch, please visit their website.

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