Compliance Forum

The profile of compliance in fundraising has never been higher. Pressures on the sector in 2015 and the ensuing changes in regulations, together with new data protection regulations all contributed to the need for increased scrutiny and attention. New compliance focussed roles were created in many Fundraising teams whilst in others people found responsibility for fundraising compliance added to an already busy remit.

Our Fundraising Regulation and Compliance Forum began in 2017 in response to these changes. It provided a place for people with responsibility for Fundraising compliance in their organisations to come together with a supportive peer group and share learnings, challenges, problem solve and network. Topics covered in our first year were, predictably, mostly focussed on the GDPR but we also welcomed the Fundraising Regulator to discuss proposed changes to the Fundraising Codes and enjoyed training on influencing and driving cultural change across organisations.

We are now into our second year and our members are looking forward to diving into a broader range of compliance topics from data retention to systems and tools to working with third parties to changes in Codes and regulations. We have four meetings each year, two full days and two half days, with agendas that are built around what our members tell us they want.

Our members tell us that what they value most about the Forum is the support they get from each other, the opportunity to learn from peers, getting perspectives on progress and sharing information about what’s worked well and what hasn’t.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in joining the Forum please contact Sarah Wilson at

“I have found the Compliance Forum immensely valuable in the last year, it’s really helped me and my organisation navigate the changing compliance landscape. And on a personal level, it’s been really enjoyable and reassuring to spend time with other people in similar roles, sharing good practice and collectively addressing some thorny issues.”
Rachel McDonald, Fundraising Operations & Compliance Manager, National Trust