With increasing pressures on the sector with recent regulation changes THINK is launching a forum focussing on Fundraising Regulation and Compliance.

The Primary aims are:

  • To provide a peer group and support for this specialist niche role
  • To enable the individuals to network and problem solve including debating and challenging thinking and ideas
  • To help share learning across member organisations

Secondary aims are:

  • To provide access to external specialists in an efficient manner
  • To help organisations keep up to date with the latest market developments and changes in the law
  • To debate common issues to help the compliance managers develop their own charity policies and processes

The forum membership is aimed at fundraising compliance managers and those who have a specialist responsibility for this area for their organisation.

There will be six meetings each year, each lasting half a day. Four will be fixed at quarterly intervals and two will be flexible, scheduled on an ad hoc basis to respond to urgent and arising issues. The group will also have an online forum which will enable ongoing dialogue and discussion on the latest issues between meetings.

Membership benefits:

  • Address the practical and strategic issues you are facing and receive support to help resolve them.
  • Be confident you are keeping up to date with latest issues and thinking in an efficient and reliable way.
  • Hear directly from relevant specialists and key industry speakers
  • Invest in your professional development, enhance your skills and add to your knowledge and expertise.

For further information please contact Sarah Wilson on sarahwilson@thinkcs.org

Membership Fee £1850 per annum (plus VAT)