Global Corporate Engagement Report

In late 2010, THINK Consulting carried out a research assignment into corporate engagement: we reviewed the history, the trends, the emerging theories (and there are a few), numerous practices, tools and models (there are even more than we mention!) and a selection of papers that have been produced. Plus, we interviewed not-for-profits – global and domestic – in a range of countries across emerging and developing markets.  We also interviewed representatives from the expert bodies that are dedicated to progressing this area.

The result is our ‘Global Corporate Engagement Report’ aimed at helping you to navigate the increasingly complex area of global corporate engagement.  

It is true that corporate engagement is a gnarly subject.  Today, it is driven by the growing understanding that corporate success is about more than profit and increasingly business achievement is linked to society’s well-being.  Plus, it is apparent that governments simply can’t do everything and need to look for partners to deliver key objectives.  All of this is taking place during lean times where consumers are better informed, more active and looking for trusted, authentic brands – and they will take action against those that they consider to be offenders.  

Typically a charity’s ability to nail corporate engagement depends on a host of factors, some of which they can influence and others they can’t. For example, the relevance and fashion-ability of their issues or cause and the sectors that they target; their share of voice, reputation and brand, how they deliver their projects and whether they campaign and their geographic reach.   All of this is often as important as their people, internal mechanisms and willingness to change, which ultimately determine their ability to flex and enter into meaningfully beneficial partnership that have a demonstrable impactful – on the charity and the business including its employees and society.

It’s a complex and challenging time for corporate fundraising but an exciting one and we hope you find this report not just informative but we’d like to kick-start a debate into where you think corporate philanthropy is at and where it’s going. So, if you agree or disagree with anything in the report, please let us know via the comment box below.

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