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Having compiled a guide to the various rich lists in the UK, I thought I’d turn my attention further afield and put together a guide to global rich lists. This page is intended to be a ‘guide’ to global rich lists and is not a full listing of every rich list available.

The reason for this is that firstly, compiling every rich list would not only take a long time to put together but also would need a huge amount of time to maintain and keep up to date. Secondly, if you’re interested in rich lists, there must be some percentage of a researcher in you! It is far better to learn the sources of information, rather than the specifics of the information itself. Information changes, links get broken etc. but if you know the publishers of this kind of information, you’ll always have a way back to finding it.

Like the UK Rich Lists list, this is intended to be a starting point for your research and I welcome any comments or additions to the list. If you know of any, please let me know and I’ll update the list accordingly. Please email me with any information at: All listings here are free to access, unless otherwise stated.

N.B. I have only included rich lists that are up to date (i.e. in the last couple of years) as older lists are likely to be very inaccurate given the recent economic situation. As always, please please please use these lists with a large pinch of salt and a dose of scepticism. They are likely to be innaccurate (due to the very nature of wealth estimation) and should only be used as a indicator of wealth, alongside other resources and indicators, particularly if you’re looking for HNWI’s to approach for money.

North America

There are lots of rich lists out there on wealthy Americans. The largest and most obvious place to find them is on the Forbes website. Here they have lists covering the world’s billionaires, the richest Americans, Australians and New Zealanders, as well as rich lists for many Asian countries. Forbes also produces lists of influential people, including the top Asian Altruists, the Celebrity 100, the World’s Most Powerful Women and the Top Earning CEO’s amongst others.

  • Forbes – Covers the wealthiest people in America
  • CNN Money – Fortune magazine focuses on companies and company CEO’s
  • GoldSea – Lists the top Asian-American executives and entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur – Provides lists of the youngest millionaires in America
  • Absolute Return – Provides a list of the highest earning hedge fund managers in America (subscription needed to access).
  • Canadian Business Online – Publishes a top 100 richest Canadians list each year

There are undoubtedly other American rich lists, particularly for individual states and cities (i.e. the 50 wealthiest people in Boston), so it’s worth doing some research if you’re looking for specifics. The best places to look are generic business magazines and local newspapers.


  • UK Rich Lists
  • Sunday Independent – Documents the 300 wealthiest people in Ireland and their associated fortunes (available as a newspaper supplement but may be available online in due course)
  • WProst – Lists the richest 100 people in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Forbes – Lists the 20 richest Russians
  • Finans Magazine – Publishes the richest Russian billionaires (page needs translating)
  • Zakmedia – Produces the Russian VIP database; a directory with contact details of Russian oligarchs, billionaires, millionaires and bankers.
  • Challenges – French weekly magazine that publishes ‘Le 500 Plus Grandes Fortunes ‘ or the 500 richest people in France every year.
  • Manager Magazin – Publishes an annual list of the 300 wealthiest Germans. Some of the information can be found here (translated into English). Otherwise the special issue magazine with the full list can be bought for €7 here.
  • Bilanz – Magazine that publishes a list of the 300 wealthiest people in Switzerland each year. Access to the list is free but website needs translating.
  • Quote – Magazine that publishes a list of the 500 richest people in the Netherlands each year (Quote 500).
  • Kapital Magazine – Publishes a list of the richest 400 Norwegians
  • Business DK – Publishes a list of the richest people in Denmark
  • Veckans Affärer – Publishes a list of the wealthiest 100 people in Sweden
  • Helsingin Sanomat – Publishes a list of the richest 1,000 people from Finland (2005)

See also Forbe’s list of the World’s Billionaires.

Australia & New Zealand

  • Forbes – Lists the wealthiest Australians and Kiwis
  • BRW – BRW is an Australian business magazine which publishes lists of the wealthiest Australians, the wealthiest young Australians and an executive rich list.
  • NBR – NBR (National Business Review) is New Zealand’s equivalent of BRW. It publishes a New Zealand rich list each year but you need a subscription to access it in its entirety. However, you can access the basic list for free here. Also, if you copy and paste “rich list” into Google, you can access information on previous years.
  • CourierMail – Each year the Courier produces a Queensland Top 100 Rich List, which is free to access. You can also access previous year’s versions as well.

Middle East

  • Arabian Business – This magazine publishes its World’s 50 Richest Arabs as well as other ‘influential’ Arab lists. It also publishes a list of the 30 richest Indians in the GCC and the Saudi Rich List, amongst others.


  • Forbes – Lists the wealthiest Asians from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Hurun – Publishes lots of information on the Chinese elite including a general rich list, a philanthropy list, women’s rich list and a property rich list.
  • Zakmedia – Produces a Chinese Millionaires List, with contact details of Chinese billionaires, Chinese millionaires and their personal assistants.

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