Ho ho ho…Happy Christmas!

You always know Christmas is coming when the charity Christmas catalogues start to arrive! I have two on my desk – UNICEF’s and the British Red Cross’ offerings. I’ve not spotted many Christmas cards in charity shops yet or indeed in any commercial shops.

Many charities have pulled ‘brac’ on their trading offers of late in the face of increased pressure on ROI, which is a shame as trading does offer so many different advantages to other fundraising activities. Undoubtedly some charities are missing out on these softer benefits to a greater extent.

I think its time for charities to really think innovatively about how they can make trading work for them. One idea is maybe charities should be negotiating with the retailers who support them through sales of Christmas cards in their stores, to allow charities to approach their own supporter bases with those card ranges, possible ahead of them reaching the shops.

This may at least give High Street retailers an early indication of best sellers and could allow charities to earn extra income somehow on the cards sold to their supporters. Customers could be predominantly driven to the retailers online shop, with maybe an added incentive of a donation to the charity they are supporting if the customer bought anything else.

So don’t leave all the work to Santa, lets pick up the ball and run again on charity trading!

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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