THINK Foundation

PLEASE NOTE because of an unprecedented level of applications we are not accepting proposals for the foreseeable future.



A Foundation for Fundraisers

The THINK Foundation exists to support the understanding and development of fundraising skills in the not for profit sector around the world.

It’s an investment in something we believe in; namely that fundraisers’ personal commitment and enthusiasm will be more effective if they also have professional skills and expertise.

What are our objectives?

The THINK Foundation aims to support:

  • fundraising bodies that are dedicated to developing fundraising and resource mobilisation skills
  • research/studies or training resources on specific aspects of fundraising
  • individuals in exploring aspects of fundraising (primarily through bursaries to recognised conferences or training programmes).
  • creative activity aimed at nurturing innovation in fundraising and donor relations.

Who do we support?

The Foundation will seek to work with recognised organisations in the fundraising sector and to initiate its own programme of original initiatives that fall within the objectives outlined above.

Criteria for applications

  • Applications from South Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Europe will be given priority.
  • Applications from smaller organisations will be given priority.
  • No applications from political parties or organisations will be supported
  • Average level of grants will be £500 to £1000, the usual maximum for a single grant is £2500

Application procedure

Applications should cover:

  1. Your name
  2. The organisation you work for
  3. An address, telephone number and email address
  4. How much funding do you need?
  5. What will the money be spent on?
  6. What are the objectives of this project?
  7. What will be the impact of the project on you and on others?
  8. Why is THINK Foundation funding needed?
  9. What other funding have you explored/received?


  • Application by email preferred –
  • Application should not be more than 2 pages
  • Evaluation/ impact report will be required.