How healthy is your fundraising?

heading_fundraising_healthcheckFundraising HealthCheck is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL interactive online diagnostic tool that can help charities to understand the impact of the recession on their fundraising during the recession.

THINK has developed Fundraising HealthCheck at the request of the Institute of Fundraising (UK) in recognition of the growing need for strategic fundraising advice and support as the UK rides out its worst recession since the 1920s. Fundraising HealthCheck brings together its consultants’ experience during the 1990s recession with their expertise and knowledge of today’s fundraising market, to provide some of the best practical advice available for charities.

Fundraising HealthCheck offers you a prognosis of the impact of the recession on each area of your fundraising, based on past experience and current trends. It also provides you with practical advice and guidance on how to survive and thrive during the economic downturn. It is a simple to use yet sophisticated diagnostic tool suitable for charities of all sizes that wish to check the health of their fundraising, anonymously and confidentially.

Fundraising HealthCheck offers two analysis routes:

  • Review of Net Income Streams: an analysis of your fundraising portfolio by income stream
  • Investment Mix: a look at how you are investing in your fundraising programmmes and techniques.

Feedback from charities who have used Fundraising HealthCheck suggests that it can be helpful at the macro as well as the micro level. You may be looking for specific advice about a particular income stream, for example Corporate Fundraising. Or you may find it useful to step back and look at the full picture of your income or investment.

To use Fundraising HealthCheck, you will need to prepare some fundraising data to use this tool. To use the Net Income analyser you will need to a breakdown of your net income budget (or most recent performance). To use the Investment analyser you will need a breakdown of your expenditure budget (or most recent performance).

On arrival at the site, you will be asked to sign up, providing only your name and email address, not the name of your charity. This information will be used only to email you in the future about updates to Fundraising HealthCheck. Next, you select the analysis tool (Net Income or Investment) and enter your data in the table provided. As soon as you submit the data, you will immediately receive your report, which provides a line by line prognosis and practical advice.

None of the data you enter will be saved on the site to protect your confidentiality – so you will need to save or print your report before you leave.

A ‘help and information’ page will give you more information about how to get the most out of Fundraising HealthCheck

Fundraising Healthcheck will be updated by THINK on an ongoing basis as understanding of recession trends develops, to ensure that users will always have access to up to the minute and relevant advice.

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