Susan Morgan Consultant and Researcher

sue morgan

Retail and Trading Specialist


Research and Knowledge

With a career spanning over twenty years in the UK charity sector, Sue started in the pioneering days of charity retail and learnt how central volunteers are to the fundraising mix and she has built upon that through many community disciplines to now dedicate time to stewardship and donor care.

Her first role was at British Red Cross developing the profitability of their chain of charity shops through coordinating national promotions, establishing commercial guidelines and operating systems and developing skills of staff and volunteers through tailored training.  As Head of Retail at Action for Children she managed shops, leading an expansion across the UK. Her commercial acumen combined with understanding the value and skills of people who run the shops provide a rounded approach to managing the profitability of a retail programme.

Sue is an advocate of marrying commercial retail practices with the unique positioning of charities to create a high street presence which bridges the gap between the charity and the public; primarily delivering profit but also providing a channel for influencing perception of the organisation. The retail landscape in the UK is fundamentally changing and the next few years will be pivotal in mapping and securing a profitable future for charity shops in the new environment.

As part of THINK since 2007 Sue has developed and launched the Stewardship Tracker service. The commercial experience gained at the outset of her career has given her a strong understanding of the importance of providing exemplary customer service to ensure brand loyalty and customer retention – this is no less important for charities than it is for commercial brands. Sue takes pride in being able to take an objective view, cutting to the key and salient issues when faced with mountains of information. Underpinning her career has been a commitment to using knowledge and intelligence to build robust theories and working approaches, which in turn become practical workable solutions.

‘Never forget how volunteers are the engine of our Sector.’