Vinny Smith, Specialist Consultant

vinny smith

Change Driver

Culture Analyst

Integration Specialist


Every leader knows that organisations function best when their strategy, structures, systems and processes align. They also have the people who know how to create and use them to their greatest effect. Vinny Smith is a unique individual with twenty years’ experience helping leaders and teams confidently align their strategy and activity for maximum impact. He specialises in strategy, organisational development, institutional evaluations and training for first time directors, heads and middle managers in operational planning and budgeting. He is also a highly experienced fundraiser with a background in direct marketing, legacy marketing and statutory and grant fundraising both in the UK and internationally.

We worked with him first at Cancer Research UK where he managed operations for 130 staff in 14 offices and later as Head of Supporter Relationship Management where he established a successful 5-year CRM change programme for the fundraising and marketing division. In 2008 he became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse and went on to fulfil the same role at Development Initiatives three years later. At both organisations he successful enabled them to double in size within twelve months; establish new strategies and structures; move head offices; and above all continue to deliver an ambitious programme of activities.

Vinny typically works directly with Chief Executives and the Senior Management team on bespoke projects conducting situational analysis and development of strategic change programmes. He is passionate about the necessity of engaging wider teams and external stakeholders in the process to ensure that change is lasting and owned throughout an organisation. Vinny uses a staged approach to project management and works in iterative cycles guided by overall project objectives and principles. He encourages all clients to use the latest information available to update their project design throughout the process.

‘Realistic strategy meets practical action’