One week to go for the IoF Convention and THINK is busy…

Our very own Digital Director Jason Potts is involved in two sessions:

  • on Tuesday at 12.00 noon, he is chairing the online fundraising showcase. This 90 minute session looks at what digital tricks and trends we can learn from the corporate sector and includes presenters from Google, Youtube, Facebook and Microsoft.
  • on Wednesday at 10.30am along with Mike Walton from UNHCR and experts from Nomensa, he will create the perfect online donation experience…

Plus Simon Burne, senior consultant is involved in four sessions:

  • on Monday at 10:30am, he is ‘translating strategy and budgets into people-based KPIs’ with Leesa Harwood RNLI’s Head of Community Fundraising of RNLI.  This will help community fundraisers translate targets into KPIs that make sense for the people who deliver their income through volunteer management and motivation.  The RNLI case study is a really interesting example of how KPIs can be developed to reflect reality, judging performance on both short-term and long-term goals.
  • then later on Monday at 15.00, Simon is presenting a session called, ‘Dead easy: strategic tools that deliver real results’.  This fun and involving session will provide delegates with a range of tools to apply directly to developing effective strategies that deliver real results. All the tools have been tried and tested and have been proven to work. Not all of them will be right for everyone but Simon offers a guarantee that all delegates will come away with some tools that they’ll want to use straight away.
  • then on Tuesday at 16.30, Simon is presenting ‘A director’s guide to creating a corporate partnerships strategy’.  The session will explore the key challenges a fundraising director faces in engaging with the corporate sector in ways that develop long-term partnerships to the greatest mutual benefit of charity and company alike.  Based on recent research undertaken by THINK and a range of interviews with corporates and charities, this session will provide a template for success in this area.
  • and finally, on Wednesday at 10.30, Simon is chairing a panel session, ‘The Big Society – what it means for community fundraising’ with Sophie Chapman, Policy Manager – Youth Volunteering & Charitable Giving at the Office for Civil Society, Gemma Sherrington the Deputy Director of Community Giving at Save the Children and Rob Jackson the Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd. Government has big expectations about what the voluntary sector can deliver, and what volunteers can do.   Come along for a stimulating and challenging debate.

Plus Nick Burne, Senior Consultant is:

  • co-presenting a session on Tuesday at 15.00, ‘Crowd-sourcing meets fundraising in a digital age’, along with Tamasine Johnson, Senior Corporate Content & User Experience Manager at the National Trust and Ed Whiting, the CEO of WeDidThis, a ‘crowdfunding’ platform.  This session asks ‘does your organisation really leverage the power of the web?’.  Delegates will discover new ways that organsiations and companies are leveraging crowdfunding, how easy it can be to do once we understand it’s principles, and learn about some of the tools and platforms to use.

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