Philanthropy and Partnerships Forum

THINK started the Philanthropy and Partnerships Forum in 2014 to support senior fundraisers leading high value fundraising teams – those focusing on major donors, corporate partners and charitable trust donors.

High value fundraising is becoming increasingly competitive and partnerships more sophisticated. Wealthy donors are influential individuals who can often not only provide significant personal donations but access to other donors, corporate partners and trust donations. However, the way they support charities is changing. Those organisations succeeding in this area have recognized that taking an holistic approach to fundraising from high value supporters – engaging and involving them in their work and seeking their input and advice rather than just their funding – is the route to success.

It is not necessarily straightforward for charities to adopt this new approach. The THINK Philanthropy and Partnerships Forum provides an opportunity for members to share their knowledge and experience of the changing landscape of philanthropy and to hear from other leaders in the field. Covering topics as diverse as prospecting and stewardship to social investment models and working with fundraising boards, the Forum provides both insight and practical advice to improve fundraising from charities’ most valuable supporters. Research commissioned by the group also adds to members understanding of the sector.

While three of the quarterly Forum’s focus on supporting leaders of high value teams, the fourth is open to their team members, providing an inspirational day for all those involved in fundraising from companies, major donors and trusts.

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