Recession: Watching Is Not An Option

tonyA thought piece by Tony Elischer looking at how a recession might impact on the different fundraising areas and how to react.

“The last few weeks have seen unprecedented discussion in the sector around the global recession and its potential effects on fundraising. Minor scares in past years have gone pretty much unnoticed and people have tended to keep their heads down in the belief that things will change or go away. The current climate is very different, as is the reaction. Any switched on marketer or fundraiser knows that the current climate WILL impact on their fundraising and their portfolio of techniques.

So how do we find our way through the morass of opinion and advice? It’s a confusing time and so I hope the following will suggest some practical actions you can take…

And it is time to act, but the actions we take must take account of the pressures on our own unique portfolio of funders, the maturity and fundraising activity of our organisations and our appetite to face up to the impact of the global crisis in our market whether it lasts one year or three. Most of all we will need to change our behaviours and those of our organisations to stand the best chance of surviving and perhaps even thriving during this recession.”

Download the thought piece.

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