THINK started the Community Forum in 2006 and today in it’s 10th anniversary year, it is still a strong and influential group, home to many experts in this fundraising discipline.

THINK has long believed that community is at the very roots of what makes fundraising special and effective. We recognised that while community fundraising boomed in the eighties in the UK it has had a very mixed history from the mid nineties onwards, falling in and out of favour and taking second place to many of the emerging techniques and channels for fundraising.

Our decision to launch the Community Forum was very much around giving community fundraising a platform to re-instate the discipline to its rightful place at the centre of the fundraising mix.

We think that the model above illustrates what community fundraising is and why it matters as much today as it ever did.  As communities continue to grow and segment, niche communities are opening up and as society enables individualism through so many more interactions and lifestyle choices, we now see a whole new set of communities emerging, based around gender, sexuality and belief. Community fundraising enables us to engage and motivate communities on their terms, according to their needs.

The Community Forum continues to focus on strategic and tactical interventions that keep community fundraising in the spotlight and at the heart of great fundraising programmes.

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“The Community Forum is invaluable, both as a source of information and for support.”

Denise Davies, Head of Community Fundraising, Motor Neurone Disease Association

“I have recently joined the Forum and only wish I had done so earlier. The meetings are thought-provoking; stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. It is a great way to network, benchmark and develop yourself.”

Gillian Claugher, Director of Regional Fundraising, Children’s Society