Mentoring and coaching

Support and development are the two magic words when it comes to keeping your manpower productive and content. But it can be difficult to find the extra time, resources or experience to give people what they need to deliver their best performance.

At THINK we’ve been coaching and mentoring fundraising professionals at every career stage for over a decade, with some amazing results.

The power of coaching

If you’re looking for short-term career support, a THINK coach could be the perfect solution. Through a series of one-to-one discussions, your coach can help you with particular areas of concern at work or to prepare for a specific event, such as a meeting, pitch or interview.

Through the coaching process we can work together to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then develop and enhance the skills you need.

Coaching encompasses personal as well as professional goals, although the emphasis is on your performance at work.

Mentoring for success

For longer-term career development, a THINK mentor can be invaluable. The relationship provides you with a sounding board and external viewpoint that brings a fresh perspective to the issues you face. It is a totally confidential process that gives you the chance to discuss your challenges and concerns in a safe environment and to get the objective advice and support you need.

Your mentor can also challenge your thinking, give you an outsider’s viewpoint and help to ensure your plans hold water.

Over time you’ll notice a real boost in your professional performance.