State of the Sector survey results published

Third Sector has started publishing the results of nfpSynergy’s State of the Sector survey, and according the authors there’s some interesting and unexpected findings to be had amongst the data, including:

  • What effect has the recession had on charities? – 67% say that income has fallen.
  • How well do charities work with their stakeholders? – just 25% say that they work extremely well with their trustees.
  • Who do charities want to form the next government? – 42% said a Labour government would be better for the sector.

Other questions answered include what impact state help has had and what policy changes are on people’s wish list for the coming year. Rather annoyingly, the published results are very brief and you can’t see the results diagrams well at all to see specific data, so here’s hoping nfpSynergy publish the results properly in due course.

You can view these results on the Third Sector website.

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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