International Fundraising

THINK has worked with INGOs – and national charities aspiring to become INGOs – since 2000. This period of time has seen the most profound change in the international fundraising landscape. THINK has been part of this change:

– working with most of today’s leading INGOs to develop their global strategies

– pioneering comprehensive research into fundraising around the world

– developing the ground-breaking World Fundraising Markets Report in 2007 which for the first time enabled INGOs to compare and prioritise new fundraising markets

Our international consultants

We have a team of exceptional, experienced leaders and managers with strong international experience in organisational and fundraising strategy, market and fundraising development, market entry and research.

Working in the international sector is at the core of THINK Consulting Solutions’ DNA.  We are passionate about fundraising development and resource mobilisation around the world and actively support global philanthropy advances through our consulting and teaching.

Working with INGOs

Global Fundraising Teams face the challenging task of managing a portfolio at several levels:

– a portfolio of markets in different stages of development, from new to established

– a portfolio of national offices with different market requirements and different levels of skills and experience

– a portfolio of national fundraising strategies which all need to deliver one global strategy

Depending on the INGO’s governance model, this team will rely heavily on inter-personal skills, influence and persuasion to achieve buy-in to a unified global direction, and to deliver to support to where it is needed most.

We understand all this from personal experience as international fundraisers. We understand this from working with many global teams we know which approaches are effective and which result in barriers being raised.

Global fundraising strategy

We are highly experienced in developing and delivering global fundraising strategy processes which build consensus and bring the global centre and the national offices closer together, and create a motivated and united global fundraising team, eager to deliver the clear, focused global fundraising strategy.

Our experience encompasses international strategies for development, fundraising and/or communications, market entry and market development strategies and as well as income stream specific strategies to develop organisational capacity in all areas of fundraising, for example digital, major donors, leadership giving etc.

International markets

Look to us for unique insight into fundraising markets and organisational benchmarking.  We set the standard for fundraising market studies and competitor analysis, not for profit performance evaluation and internal/external benchmarking.

We offer a number of levels to build knowledge according to your needs, timeline and budgets. The 4 stages are:

  1. A review of the state of fundraising across the globe.
  2. Country Profiles: a holistic picture of fundraising activity, maturity, opportunity and infrastructure in the specific country
  3. Competitor analysis: a detailed review of the top direct competitors for your cause in a specific market
  4. Market Entry/Market Development Strategy: The recommended market entry or development strategy, including future trends and context, risk assessment and entry or redevelopment options.

Plus: Skill development; training and troubleshooting

We understand the demands of building an international team and we have delivered numerous training, skill-sharing and coaching sessions for individuals, teams and whole organisations. THINK has unrivalled experience in these areas and has proven approaches to give individuals and teams a unique edge for success.

Over the years we have been asked to simply ‘sort things out’ whether that is a specific challenge, a structure, a culture or a whole strategy, so we are genuinely able to offer a ‘trouble-shooting service’ to help you keep things on track using best practice and thinking.

Furthermore our work is supported by a network of experienced fundraising practitioners based around the world so wherever you need it we can bring you the skills, knowledge and research your organisation needs.

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Other Consultancy

fundraising strategyStrategyTalk to us about what you want to achieve and our experienced consultants will work with you to create a practical, appropriate and insightful strategy to get you there.

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