Digital strategy

The fast-paced nature of digital media means you can never assume you know it all, or afford to stand still.

We can help you ride the digital wave with large-scale organisational digital strategy projects, such as the core digital strategy we created for the National Trust, or the digital fundraising strategy devised for the NSPCC.

We can also help you rise to specific digital challenges. We helped a UN agency raise money online in a systematic, cost-effective way across multiple markets and can help you achieve similar results.

However you would like us to help you, our solutions are user-centred, technology neutral and grounded in many years’ experience.

What we offer

  • Whole-organisation, core digital strategies: whether national, international or regional. These can encompass web, mobile, interactive TV and social media.
  • Digital revenue generation strategies: including channel shift, virtual gifts, peer-to-peer fundraising and creating greater business efficiency through technology.
  • Digital innovation: we can help you with any ground-breaking digital challenge that needs some extra creative thinking and experience to bring it to market.
  • The THINK Digital Forum: is a unique opportunity for over a dozen leading non-profits to meet four times a year to discuss the latest digital trends and share key case studies. The Forum has been running successfully for the past two years, with guest speakers invited along to share their expertise. We also commission research and build technology based on what the group agrees, giving THINK Digital Forum members a distinct competitive advantage.