There are all sorts of ways you can tackle your strategic planning. Our people at THINK have been putting them to the test for over 30 years, both as charity directors and not for profit consultants in the UK and globally.

We’ve worked with all kinds of strategies, from organisational and discipline specific to marketing, communications, campaigns and fundraising. As well as from every angle: as architects, implementers, facilitators and leaders.

We’ve watched fashions come and go and we believe we have a keen sense of what works – and what doesn’t.  We’d love to work with you to create powerful strategic solutions that truly get the job done.

Our approach

However complex or straightforward your strategic challenge may be, our focus is on providing you with a practical and action oriented strategy that everyone can buy into and that guides individuals, teams or your whole organisation to a different place.

We also make sure your delivery teams have all the tools and skills they need to ensure your strategy is implemented, kept alive and monitored.

What are you looking for?

Perhaps you are an expert strategist yourself and you simply want the chance to hone and challenge your thinking. Or this may be the first time your organisation is embarking on strategic planning and you want support from square one. Maybe you are somewhere in between.

Whatever type of strategic input you are looking for, we can help.

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Other Consultancy

FundraisingFundraisingToday’s competitive fundraising environment is not for the faint-hearted. Together we can develop fresh, innovative solutions to boost your funds in a rapidly changing landscape.


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