Supporter services and donor care – part 2

I recently had a rant about charities needing to give supporter services priority in their organisational planning and argued that brand investment is wasted if you don’t treat your donors with care, especially in the current economic climate. Meeting up with some colleagues recently we swapped horror stories about organisations not getting it right and how, even as seasoned fundraisers who understand the challenges involved, this affects our enthusiasm for supporting some of our own personal causes (I was tempted to list these horror stories here but figured that you’d all have your own versions!).

But some organisations are getting it right and I wanted to share a positive experience I had just last week. I was called on Monday by a consumer lifestyle company conducting a lead generation questionnaire. When they ran through a list of charities and asked me whether I would consider supporting any of them there was one that appealed and so I ‘ticked the box’ thinking that I may get a piece of Direct Mail in a few months.

To my surprise, only two days later I got a very professional call from the said charity (or rather their telemarketing agency) and being very impressed with the speed and quality of the call, signed up. Not only did I then get a welcome call the same evening saying thank you and checking that I had felt okay about the call, I received a lovely welcome pack just 3 days later (despite a second class stamp). The pack made it very clear where my money was going and also gave me very clear insights to the beneficiaries but also the people delivering the services.

Okay…I appreciate that this may all be outsourced and relatively easy to manage – probably the responsibility of the Individual Giving team rather than Supporter Services.  But regardless, I’m left actually feeling quite excited about supporting the charity involved – something if I’m honest that I’ve not felt for quite a while. So I’d urge any of you working hard to recruit new (and no doubt expensive) supporters at the moment to look at your processes and see how their experiences stack up against this. Meanwhile, let’s see what happens as I hit the database and the regular communications cycle – I’m feeling hopeful!

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