Taking corporate partnerships to a new level

I happen to be fortunate enough to be a trustee of Whizz-Kidz – a fantastic charity doing great work in quite a fun and funky way.  What I’m particularly impressed with is the way that they have engaged their corporate partners in developing the overall business of providing mobility equipment.  This is especially true with Tesco’s and a number of their key suppliers.

Having been Tesco Charity of the Year, most charities say “thank you” and walk away.  Not Whizz-Kidz!  Tesco have been advising them on how to reduce the costs of the wheelchairs they buy and the impact has been so dramatic that they have been able to double the number of children benefiting from mobility equipment with a marginally reduced budget.  Tesco’s suppliers have also been helping Whizz-Kidz in other areas of the business.

So while they had a very successful Charity of the Year, the benefits Tesco has brought to Whizz-Kidz since then, dwarves the original one-year partnership.  How did they do it?  They asked, they engaged and they valued the input.  Whizz-Kidz does that with all their corporate partners.

As our budgets get more and more squeezed in the years to come, we need to value more the non-financial inputs of our corporate partners.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could all deliver twice the level of service for the same cost?

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