The Celebrity Foundation Directory

The Foundation Center in America┬árecently published a celebrity foundation directory detailing more than 1,600 foundations started by “VIPs in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, and sports”. Through their private foundations, many notable individuals have made significant contributions to charities and it’s a trend that will only increase in years to come as it’s a tax-efficient vehicle for donations.

The downloadable pdf costs $60 and provides information on the foundation and a bit about its founder, but nothing much more than you’d find by subscribing to the Foundation Center’s ‘Foundation Directory Online’ product. I don’t know how many ‘new’ or unknown celebrity foundations will be uncovered (1,600 seems quite a lot to me!) but I guess you’re paying for a ready-made list.

For more information or to buy, visit the Foundation Center website.

Let us know what you think if you happen to buy it…

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