The Post-National Philanthropist

Civil Society magazine recently published an article by our very own Tony Elischer on the implications of global philanthropy and the ‘global citizens’ behind it. In he argued that global philanthropists are not a ‘commodity’ to be owned by one part of an organisation geographically, but should be engaged and managed by the organisation as a whole. After all, the boundaries between countries, particularly regarding high value gifts, is eroding fast.

You can read the full article (if you have a subscription) on the Civil Society magazine website.

At THINK, we like to give some added value to our thinking, so for those of you who can’t access the article or who simply want learn more, we’ve put together a short paper on the topic. We all love data and statistics, so we’ve compiled a more in depth look at global citizens and the potential implications for major donor fundraising in the future.

Download a copy of Global Citizens: THINKING organisationally and not geographically about the world’s wealthiest people for free.

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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