THINK launches IPI Training to help charities inspire and win new support from major donors and companies

In response to many clients looking for new ways to sharpen and transform their communications skills, THINK has introduced IPI training; quite simply tailored training courses and coaching on how to Inspire, Persuade and Inform. Communication  has always been central to any business and is possibly even more demanding in the not-for-profit sector, but there are very limited options around where senior managers and their teams can genuinely get access to the best presenters who will take the time to listen and design a unique tailored programme to their needs .

THINK’s Managing Director Tony Elischer, is widely recognised as one of the most original, inspiring and experienced communicators in the sector, supported by twenty eight years direct hands on experience of fundraising and marketing for charities. He started his career in the performing arts world and it is therefore not surprising that he has partnered up with American theatre trainer Michael Brown to bring something truly fresh, exciting and results orientated to the sector. 

The programme that Tony and Michael have developed is based on some of the most powerful training tools available to create winning communications and they have defined an extensive menu of elements/modules that is used in consultation with a client to define a truly ‘one-off’ unique programme designed to meet specific needs. There are three key areas that this programme specifically seeks to serve: senior manager coaching, executives/teams working in corporate fundraising and executives teams developing programmes for high net-worth individuals.

Download our ThinkIPIfinal and if you would like to discuss your needs and see how IPI training can impact on your fundraising contact Tony  at for a confidential consultation.

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