THINK sponsors new book ‘Up Smith Creek’

George Smith enjoyed many years as a much loved and looked-forward to columnist of several leading trade journals, particularly Direct Response and Professional Fundraising magazines and the cryptically-named Local Government News. From time to time he’d also pen a piece for national organs and so there’s an article included here fromNew Society and another from The Financial Times, plus at least one that never saw its way into print but which we deem worthy of inclusion all the same.

George wrote monthly columns and occasional features and it is the best of these that we have assembled for you here. He rapidly gained a reputation for irreverence, perception, the deflation of pomposities and, above all, fine writing. Many of these pieces are as relevant, or irrelevant, as they were at the time of writing. Others have been included for sheer curiosity value, or just because we like them. We think there are some real gems here, but of course it is up to you to make of them what you will.

George does use and choose words elegantly, deploying pearls such as scrupulosity, seeping, pooh pooh, blather, and a hundred other terms to which you will be unused and by which you will be amused.

This book, which is sponsored by THINK Consulting and edited by Ken and Marie Burnett of White Lion Press, is mostly a journey backwards in time across three productive decades of working at the noble trade of communication. As chairman of the UK’s Institute of Direct Marketing Terry Hunt said, ‘He was a must-read when these pieces were first published and is a must-read today, as plain common sense and rare wisdom never date.’ Read, learn and enjoy.

‘…some of the funniest, most perceptive and most entertaining editorial ever written about the UK’s emerging direct marketing sector. These articles are politically incorrect, provocative and irreverent – you’ll love them!’

Paul Rowney, founder and publisher, Direct Response Magazine

You can purchase the book from White Lion Press here.

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