THINK’s IoF Convention Digital presentations now available online..

We hope you all enjoyed the IoF National Convention held in London this week….we certainly did! Three of our consultants were presenting this year and as part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and information, we thought we’d let you take another (or indeed first!) look at what was presented over the three days.

Digital fundraising

Both THINK Director Jason Potts and Senior Consultant Nick Burne presented at the IoF Convention this year covering topics including online fundraising, online donation processes and crowd-sourcing. You can view the presentations below:

Online fundraising showcase 2 – learning from the corporate sector – It is useful every now and again, to take a look at what the commercial sector is doing and thinking around digital. We invited several leading innovative digital brands including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube, to share their thoughts on what key digital trends they are observing in their business that might most resonate for non-profits looking to maximise engagement and fundraising online.

The perfect online donation process – Research shows that nearly half of visitors to charity websites who want to donate never do. Almost every charity website has a different donation procedure and with this in mind, Nomensa and THINK Consulting Solutions set out to try to create the ‘perfect online donation process’. This session examined the results of testing and demonstrate to charities at every level how they could improve their own online donation journey and increase conversion rates, resulting in a higher number of donations.

Crowd-sourcing meets fundraising in a digital age – Does your organisation really leverage the power of the web? Crowd-sourcing is not a new concept, but have we really grasped the power of it for our fundraising? This session aimed to help people discover new ways organsiations and companies are leveraging crowd- funding, how easy it can be to do if we understand it’s principles and learn about some of the tools and platforms to use.

Presentations will also be available to convention participants via the IoF’s website in due course.

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