You may or may not have noticed but at the bottom right hand of our homepage we’ve had, from the beginning, a little “window” that contains our latest tweets from Twitter. Up until now this module has monitored the ThinkCS Twitter account and all tweets had to be manually “retweeted” in order to to get updates from the various Think contributors.

After much effort searching for and testing out different modules, we discovered that there is no WordPress module available that would allow us to list the tweets of multiple Twitter users. The few that we could find either took tweets from a single user, or simply didn’t work.

I was able to find a piece of code written by another user, and further modified by someone who also found this code useful. After a bit of testing it proved that this code was very effective and so I decided to reimplement this on our site. Satisfied that the new, heavily modified code worked successfully we decided that we would like to give back to the community and help out others in our situation by turning this code in to a WordPress Plugin, thus simplifying the installation so that any user – even those new to WordPress – can easily implement the same functionality.

I’ve created a new page on the Think website to support this new plugin, named ThinkTwit, which is additionally hosted at on it’s own page at WordPress Plugins.

This is the first full contribution that Think has made to the open source community (in the past we have only submitted code fixes) but we plan for many more to come. We hope someone finds this plugin useful, and if so please let us know how you get on with an example of it’s use!

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