Do your trustees understand fundraising governance?

The challenge of getting trustees to understand and engage with fundraising has been ever present but now the changing environment and the increased responsibilities defined by CC20, have given a new imperative to trustees acknowledging and understanding their responsibilities.  Without a clear understanding of their accountability, basic fundraising practice, regulatory and other Codes of Practice, trustees cannot meet the new expectations and protect the reputation and income of their charities.

We know that it sometimes needs an external, trusted partner to drive a new message home. THINK is pleased to announce the launch of a range of Trustee briefing and training sessions, designed with fundraising expertise to grow the confidence of your Board in managing their governance responsibilities for fundraising.

Choose from:

  • 90-minute full board briefing designed as a Board level introduction to the issues and will be a solid starting point for your Board’s consideration of how they will respond to the new environment.
  • Half day workshop session designed to ensure your Board understands key fundraising, oversight and compliance issues.
  • Full day workshop – designed for those who will lead fundraising oversight, usually a Board Sub Committee. It will build your Board’s capacity to begin effective oversight of the fundraising function.
  • We are happy to devise bespoke sessions based on your needs too.

All sessions will be delivered at your offices or another location provided by you.

For more details, click here.