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This is intended to be a fairly comprehensive listing of known rich lists available for people in the UK. It’s an updated version from the one found on the THINK Resource website. I’ll be updating the global rich lists very soon, so keep an eye out for that. If you know of any other useful rich lists, please do let me know and I’ll update the list for everyone. Email me at:

Sunday Times Rich List

Now infamous rich list compiled each year by Phillip Beresford for the Sunday Times, it lists Britain’s richest 2,000 people. You can access the full list for free online and search by name, keyword, age, region, gender and source of wealth. Visit the STRL website.

UK Asian Rich List

The Asian Rich List is the definitive index of Asian wealth in Britain, highlighting entrepreneurial achievement over the last 12 months. Compiled by a panel of experienced journalists and business experts, the Asian Rich List will tell the stories of the 101 richest and most successful Asians in Britain today, with profiles, interviews and in-depth sector analysis. The list will be launched at the Asian Business Awards 2010 Dinner (26th march 2010) and will be a supplement to the Eastern Eye newspaper. So it’s likely you’ll need a subscription to Eastern Eye to get hold of a copy. A 1 year subscription costs £35 and can be purchased through the AMG website.

Birmingham Post Rich List

The Birmingham Post produces a Rich List every year in its paper and online with information taken from the Sunday Times Rich List. You can access the latest list here.

City & Guilds Vocational Rich List

For the past five years City & Guilds has produced the Vocational Rich List. The list charts the wealth of the UK’s top millionaires, who have all made their money using their work-related training as a springboard to greater success. The last rich list published is for 2008 and can be found here.

Estates Gazette Rich List

Published every year (usually in October), the rich list contains Britain’s top property magnates in order of wealth. Usually included in the list are the likes of the Duke of Westminster, Sir Alan Sugar , Earl Cadogan and Andreas Panayiotou. You can search online by region or category or you can download the full list as a pdf. Visit the Estates Gazette website to view the list.

Greek Rich List

The Greek Rich List has been published since 2007 where it focused on Britain’s top 50 Greek millionaires. Today, it produces a list of over 300 of the world’s Greek millionaires. The latest edition is for 2009/10 and costs just €7.50. The 2007 list of Britain’s richest Greeks is also available for €7.50 but the 2008 edition has sold out. You can find out more and purchase the lists online here.

County Rich Lists

There are numerous county rich lists (including Kent, Sussex and Surrey) which are part of magazines published by Archant Life. So for example, every now and again Kent Life magazine publishes a rich list of the top 50 wealthiest people who live in Kent. There’s no real regularity to these lists and you’ll have to do a bit of searching to find them, but the good news is that all back issues of these magazines are available to read online for free (you have to submit your details to access this facility). It’s well worth spending some time scouring all the county magazines to see when and where the lists are. For example, the last rich list published by Kent Life is from January 2008.

To access the digital editions and see if there are any rich lists to be found, follow these steps:

  • 1.) Visit the Archant Life website and scroll down to the list of websites. Click on a county website like Somerset Life or Yorkshire Life (only the Life magazines usually hold rich lists) depending on the area you’re looking for.
  • 2.) Once on Somerset Life’s website, for example (they’re all formatted the same), on the left-hand menu, click on the ‘Digital Archive’ link.
  • 3.) Once on the Digital Archive site, you simply scroll through the magazine covers until you find one that promotes a rich list and click on it.

Obviously not all county magazines will publish a rich list, but it’s well worth searching if you’re looking for wealthy people in a particular county, especially as it’s free!

Regional Rich Lists

In a similar vein to the county rich lists, Insider Media publishes regional magazines like the Midlands Business Insider or the Yorkshire Business Insider magazine (others include North West, South West and Wales). These also occasionally publish rich lists as part of the magazine and also have an archive of magazines. All you need to do is bring up the web page for the region you’re interested in and search through the archive links month by month and year by year. Most go back to 2003. Each link gives you the main contents for that month’s magazine and if there’s a rich list published it will say so. So, for example, when searching the archive of the Midlands Business Insider magazine I found the latest Midlands Rich List in the December 2009 edition.

However, unlike the county rich list, you actually have to purchase the relevant magazine to get hold of the list (although the website does usually give you a teaser). Once you know the month and year of the publication(s) with the rich lists in them, simply click on the ‘Shop’ link at the top of the page, select ‘Magazines’ in the left-hand menu, and use the search box to find the relevant editions. You can order each individual magazine for around £8 each. Click here to start the process.

Public Sector Rich List

The TaxPayer’s Alliance have produced various rich list of public sector individual since 2006. It’s not all that easy to find the rich lists on their website, so here’s a list of list and the relevant links you’ll need:

Football Rich List

FourFourTwo magazine produces a rich list each year detailing the top 100 welathiest people in british football. The list includes players, managers and club owners and is free to access via their website.

Property Rich List

This is a list of the most expensive streets, towns and areas in the UK as published by Zoopla!. The lists are really useful if you want to see which of your supporters live in wealthy areas. An important point to note, however, is that the figures used are average home values in a given area based on current Zoopla! estimates, which in some cases may not be hugely accurate. Visit the Zoopla! website.

Heat Rich List

Heat Magazine has begun to produce a rich list of UK celebrities/entertainers, which includes mainly young singers and actors. The list is free to access here.

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