What can we learn about donors from JustGiving?

I wrote a post earlier this year to try and explain why I think peer-to-peer sponsorship platforms are a bit mis-understood.

So while I was at the IOF National Convention earlier this month it was great to see there was a session from Jonathan Waddingham, Digital Strategist at JustGiving. There were lots of interesting stats about JustGiving that I think we can apply to our digital fundraising activities across the sector.

Here is what I took from the session that we can all learn about how donors are interacting with digital channels:

1.) The average Facebook user is 38 and average Twitter user is 39 (Source: Pingdom) and 71% of the adult population are on Facebook (Source: Office for National Statistics and checkfacebook.com). Also 68% of JustGiving donors are over 35 years of age, while 46% are over 45 (source: JustGiving)

Of course there is an older section of the population who are not on Facebook (because they are also not online). But this number will shrink every year and in less than a generation (20 years) EVERYONE will be online! Organisations need to start preparing for a digital future now, even if they don’t feel their audiences engage with them through social media.

Average social network age distribution


2.) JustGiving pages get 46% of their traffic from Facebook and just 2% from Twitter (Source: JustGiving).

Facebook is still the dominant social media platform and we shouldn’t get bored of it, just because Twitter is newer and more exciting.

3.) 20% of sponsors on JustGiving share their page on Facebook using Facebook Connect.

For every 1 person who shares their page on Facebook, 1 person comes back to JustGiving. (source: JustGiving)

4.) The most popular way people promote their JustGiving page is still email at 86% (Facebook is relatively high at 74%). More importantly 57% people gave via email vs. only 12% from Facebook.

Facebook Connect is a service that allows users to seamlessly access websites with their Facebook account. This makes it easier for users to share things on Facebook. The fact that 1 out of 5 sponsors or donors (not fundraisers – sponors!) is sharing their interaction on Facebook is encouraging. It’s also interesting to see that there is a 1:1 relationship between people sharing this on Facebook and people visiting JustGiving from this activity.

Based on this information, if you sent out an email to a database of 100,000 supporters and asked them to share something on Facebook and 5% did it, then this would be 5,000 people sharing your link on Facebook with 5,000 new visitors coming to your website. How much would it cost to drive 5,000 new warm prospects to your website using online advertising? More than sending out a simple email! Obviously the more engaging you make your content the more this ratio would increase. It also it makes me think – how many charities have tested putting Facebook Connect at the end of their online donation process?

Email is still the killer application. Something I’ve always said. It’s interesting that there is a MUCH lower response from users via Facebook than email, but when you think about it, it’s not that surprising. The reason behind this could be down to the demographics of who uses email vs. who uses social networks. As one of Jonathan’s charts show – the older the audience the more like they are to use email and the more likely they are to give…

You can see Jonathan’s full JustGiving presentation on SlideShare below:

View more presentations from Jonathan Waddingham.

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