Where is the R&D?

As everyone begins to slow down, or even disappear for the summer, it’s time to ask what are you doing to maintain some level of creativity and innovation in your fundraising programmes and organisational culture. When everyone is around the pressure is always on, but with the odd quiet half day you could find some space to do something creative.

R&D is always the first thing to ‘go’ when charities are under pressure, but the last thing to go for most companies. Stop and think, what were the last three great ideas introduced into your fundraising and when? Chances are you won’t like the answer! So make this a team building theme/idea for those people who are around in the summer. Even small innovations can keep things moving on and ensure your fundraising offers are fresh.

Remember creativity can come from anywhere and many small ideas can transform programmes and teams.

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Posted by Beccy Murrell

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