Why Rich People Give

Why Rich People Give877750_cash_grab_2 is the result of the first major research into the attitudes of wealthy people in the UK to money – how they create it, keep it and spend it. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the motivations of the rich to support the charitable sector – or not – by giving money, time and expertise. It covers attitudes to faith, family and community, early experiences of giving and motivations, incentives and rewards. It examines relationships with recipient charities, how people give and feelings about wealth and responsibility.

Although the research was carried out in 2002 and published in June 2004, it still provides valuable insights into the perceptions of wealth in the media, the experiences of fundraisers and others in asking wealthy people for money, and the views of professionals such as lawyers and accountants offering them advice. It considers how UK major philanthropy compares to the US and concludes with an enlightening analysis of the implications of the findings and key recommendations.

The book can be purchased from the DSC for £15. You can also download a summary of the book here: Why_Rich_People_Give

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